How to install an SSL certificate on Skype for Business?

How to install an SSL certificate on Skype for Business? Сертификаты

Enable your ssl certificate

To enable the certificate for default and web services roles run the following command:

Set-CsCertificate -Type WebServicesExternal -Thumbprint “B142918E463981A76503828BB1278391B716280987B”

If your search command returned just one result, you can enable the certificate via the following command:

Get-CsCertificate | Where-Object {$_.Subject -eq “CN=domaine.tld”} | Set-CsCertificate -Type Default, WebServicesInternal, WebServicesExternal

That’s it. For more information, please refer to Microsoft’s official documentation here and here.

You can scan your newly installed SSL certificate for potential errors with the help of these handy SSL tools.

Generate the csr on skype for business

Before generating the CSR, it’s necessary to indicate the service or services you wish to encrypt. You have to do this with the Type argument from the CSR generation command.

Generally, you can use the Default type.

The Default, AccessEdgeExternal, and DataEdgeExternal types are for Edge servers, while the WebServicesExternal and WebServicesInternal types are for web streams.

Here is a list of the most common arguments:

  • AccessEdgeExternal
  • AudioVideoAuthentication
  • DataEdgeExternal
  • Default
  • External
  • Internal
  • iPhoneAPNService
  • iPadAPNService
  • MPNService
  • PICWebService (Skype for Business Online only)
  • ProvisionService (Skype for Business Online only)
  • WebServicesExternal
  • WebServicesInternal
  • WsFedTokenTransfer

To generate the CSR you can use the Request-CSCertificate command. Run it in the powershell:

Request-CsCertificate -New -Type YOUR_TYPES -Organization “Your Organization” -OU “IT” -Country US -State “Arizona”  -City “Phoenix” -FriendlyName “Skype SSL” -KeySize 2048 -DomainName “yourdomain.tld” -PrivateKeyExportable $True -Output C:yourdomain.tld.csr

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You’ll need to replace YOUR_TYPES with the services you want to encrypt, and the rest of the examples with your contact information. –PrivateKeyExportable $True makes your private key exportable. If you prefer a graphical interface, another way to generate the CSR code is via an external tool such as our CSR Generator. You’ll receive the certificate and private key files in your email.

Install the ssl certificate on skype for business

After your CA sends the necessary files to your inbox, download the ZIP folder and extract its contents on your device. Skype for Business requires SSL files to be in PKCS#7 (.p7b) or PKCS#12 (.p12 or .pfx) formats. 

If you receive your cert in another format such as PEM for instance, you can convert it via OpenSSL or an external conversion tool. For more information, check our guide on SSL certificate formats.

You should know what particular service you want to encrypt using the -Type argument. For more information on services, check Microsoft’s documentation.

To import a PKCS#12 (.p12 or. pfx) file, enter the following command in your Skype for Business server powershell, replacing the path: 

Import-CsCertificate -Path “c:your_certificate.pfx” -PrivateKeyExportable $True

Locate your ssl certificate

First, you need to identify your SSL certificate via the Get-CSCertificate cmdlet and then sort the results with the Where-Object cmdlet.

Enter the following command to list all available certificates:


To find your particular certificate enter the following.

Get-CsCertificate | Where-Object {$_.Subject -eq “CN=yourdomain.tld”}

Skype for business history

Skype for Business (formerly Microsoft Lync and Office Communicator) is an enterprise instant messaging software developed by Microsoft as part of the Microsoft Office suite. It comes with the on-premises Skype for Business Server, and software as a service version offered as part of Office 365. 

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Обновление сертификата skype4business | блог сисадмина

Пришло время обновлять SSL сертификат на сервере Скайп для бизнеса. Внешний сертификат устанавливается на Edge-сервер.

Это делается так:

  1. Если у нас сертификат в формате crt, и запрашивался он через какой-то другой IIS сервер (например exchange), то его необходимо сначала установить на этот сервер, а потом экспортировать вместе с закрытым ключом. Получим файл формата pfx, копируем его на edge-сервер.
  2. Идем на Edge-сервер скайп, запускаем командную консоль скайп.
  3. Можно импортировать сертификат или из командной консоли или через графическую оболочку установщика. Ниже оба способа:
    Import-CsCertificate -Path «c:usersrootdocumentsrapidssl_2021-2021_exportedpfx.pfx» -PrivateKeyExportable $True -Password 123
    (заменяем путь к сертификату и пароль)
  4. Через графический интерфейс: Запускаем Мастер развертывания S4B с дистрибутива, «Установка или обновление…», «Запросить установить или назначить сертификаты», Импорт сертификата.
  5. Выбираем наш pfx, указываем пароль
  6. После импорта выбираем сертификат, который нужно заменить, нажимаем кнопку Назначить, выбираем новый сертификат из списка.
  7. Готово
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